Are you looking for support in your software project? Our portfolio ranges from software developers to project managers.

Based on our many years of experience in: IT Architect, Test Manager, Lead Engineer, Technical Project Manager, Solution Designer, Project Manager, IT Process Engineer, IT Business Process Analyst, Business Consultant, Software Developer, IT Consultant and Software Tester, we ideally complement your project in the vacant positions and thus support you in your project.


As an IT architect, we develop new system solutions and software architectures. This is how we lay the foundation for the realization of IT projects and further work.

The other tasks include, above all, developing and conceptualizing new system solutions. We also use our expertise to check technical requirements precisely.

We analyse these requirements and assess whether their implementation could have harmful effects on the technical systems.


As a test manager, we develop the test concepts. We coordinate and control the entire testing activities within your company.

Furthermore, we are responsible for the planning, control and evaluation of the product tests carried out and thereby form an important interface between the test department and development department. We inform management about the results achieved in terms of progress and quality. Other tasks include checking intermediate results or performing risk analyzes.

  • Planning, coordination and control of various testing activities
  • Development and definition of suitable test methods and test tools
  • Technical direction and control of the test team
  • Documentation of the test activities and preparation of the results
  • Definition and monitoring of quality objectives
Software Architect 

As a software architect, we are responsible for the further and new development of individual components and deal with complex software architectures.

At the same time, we always have an overview of the entire structure, ie several applications at the same time.

Our task is to develop and implement new software architectures. Among other things, we develop concepts on how innovations can be integrated into existing software architectures. The development of a new software architecture serves the optimization of work processes. We accompany you during the realization already in the early project phases and advise you comprehensively. We also create requirements and specifications.

Lead Engineer 

As Lead Engineer, we are significantly involved in the further and new development of software solutions and lead a development team.

We design new software applications for you and and further develop existing components to provide efficient functions.


As Solution Designer, we are the proactive creator and communicator of the technical solution and the link between the requester and the software development. We bear the responsibility for the quality of an IT solution, for its longevity, flexibility, comprehensibility and correct function.

We make design decisions or actively make decisions through sound management recommendations. We evaluate and mitigate problems or risks before others point them out.

We examine the requirements and possible solutions from all sides from different perspectives and find a solution that is viable for all parties involved, which also pays off in terms of the long-term IT strategy.

We manage a project team of software architects, system designers and developers to develop the overall concept and thus take over the technical project management for the design phases.

We present the results to the various stakeholders in a target-group oriented manner and surprise them positively with good and sustainable IT solutions.


As an IT project manager, we plan, organize and manage the implementation of IT projects.

We plan, organize and control the IT projects and coordinate all involved employees, departments and external service providers. During implementation, we always keep an eye on the schedule and the budget.

IT Process-Engineer / IT Business Process Analyst 

As an IT Process Engineer / IT Business Process Analyst we develop, configure and optimize processes from implementation to commissioning

Interface between IT and the business (team leader, department head, divisional manager, management)

  • Requirements Collection and Analysis
  • Imaging of business processes
  • Rating processes
  • Design, execute, test and update functions and processes
  • Perform process simulations
  • Manage cost and time constraints
  • Conduct risk assessments
  • Deploy process documentation
  • Analyze and optimize workflows within and across departments
  • Stakeholder Management

As a business consultant, one of our main tasks is to empathize with business processes. Together with you, we then analyze and develop an intelligent software solution that can optimize your business processes.

With our extensive expertise, we also take on administrative tasks. Because all the business solutions we design must also be monitored.

After your work processes have been analyzed, Business Intelligence software solutions must be developed to optimize your work processes.

Software Developer 

As a software developer, we take over the planning, analysis, development and implementation of applications and software components.

As an interface between several components, we are involved in system integration and the associated tests. In addition to the planning of work steps, we also checked the effectiveness and efficiency of software systems.


As an IT consultant, we help you find efficient hardware and software solutions

We will help you to achieve even more efficient workflows.

So we can advise you regarding software applications for process automation and optimization. But also due to our programming knowledge we can contribute to make your internet presence even more meaningful and user-friendly.

Further activities are e.g. the identification and integration of interfaces and connections.

  • Consulting on efficient software and hardware solutions
  • Development of concepts
  • Creation of documentation
  • Project management
  • Consideration of individual customer wishes
  • Close collaboration with other employees and departments
Software Tester 

As a software tester we check new applications from the beginning and test whether the concept can be put into practice. Afterwards we accompany the entire development process in close cooperation with developers and the departments.

We are responsible for module, integration and system tests.

  • Perform quality assurance software testing
  • Specification of test cases
  • Go through pre-made tests
  • Cooperation in the realization of IT projects
  • Documentation in the field of quality assurance
  • Setup and extension of individual test systems
  • Developer Support